We use strong cryptographic algorithms (Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library) and additionally all messages are protected by a random value (Salt). Your message will be encrypted by your local browser (end-to-end) and then stored encrypted in our database for 30 days. Therefore we cannot read your message. No one else can. Only the person who received the link from you.


Instead of sending passwords or critical messages by e-mail, you can encrypt them with us and send a link instead. Once the recipient has called the link and read the message, it is deleted immediately. So you can be sure that nobody else has seen or read the message before or after! The integrity of your message remains protected!


This service runs on a permanently available European infrastructure and is also covered by European data protection law. The encrypted messages are backed up daily to ensure availability at gewä̱hrleisten at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really not read my message?

We use strong encryption algorithms (e.g. AES 256), randomly generated keys and the Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library. There is no way to break the encryption and decrypt your message.

How does the processing of files?


As soon as you select a file, it will be converted to Base64 by your browser and encrypted like a normal message and then uploaded to us. Your recipient decrypts the file again in his browser and can save it directly. At no time do we have access to the real file.

Why should I trust you?

You don't have to trust us the way the site was designed! The JavaScript to encrypt your message will be calculated in your own browser. Even before the data is transmitted to us, your message is already decrypted. You are welcome to record the network traffic and get your own picture.

Is the generated URL saved?

The URL is generated directly in your browser. We can't reproduce it, so we don't know or store any links. Only you have the link!

Why don't you have an ISO 27001 certificate?

To date, internal audits have quickly proven the security and integrity of this website. So far no certification has been required.

Can you read my message?

No, there is absolutely no way we can read your messages. At no time!

Why should I trust you?

Our company specializes in communication between large companies. In addition, we have expertise in information security according to ISO 27001 of TÜV SÜD.

I don't trust this application and would like to run it on my own hardware. Is there a possibility?

Yes! Feel free to contact us!

How long are the files and messages stored?

If a link has not been retrieved after 30 days, the encrypted message or file will be irrevocably deleted!